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“Lay Bare hopes to deliver nothing but healthy – glowing skin to its clients. That‘s why we continuously study products that are skin-friendly, but reasonably priced. All our products have active ingredients that are plant-derived and are paraben-free. So, there’s nothing to hesitate about ‘cos they are all natural!

Soothing Cream  (₱ 140/30ml. ) 

Relieves the skin from any form of irritation and mild redness. It also helps moisturize your skin, giving it a smooth finish.

Apply the Soothing Cream twice (2x) a day on the treated area for 1-3 days. Discontinue use if redness or irritation persists.

Exfoliating Cream  (₱ 170/30ml.)

Eliminates dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking polished. It also helps protect your skin from premature aging.

Massage a pea-sized amount every night. Lessen to thrice (3x) a week if peeling occurs.

Ultimate Lightening Gel  (₱ 750/30ml.)

Lightens the underarms and the bikini area through regular use. This would go perfect with your frequent waxing, as it will make your skin appear completely flawless.

Apply on underarm or bikini area twice (2x) every day after washing.
Avoid using deodorant/anti-perspirant for at least 2-3 days after waxing your underarm.

As Maintenance:
Morning:  Apply deodorant/anti-perspirant after washing, let it dry, then apply Ultimate Lightening Gel.
Night:  Apply Ultimate Lightening Gel, then Exfoliating Cream before bedtime.

Lay Bare Fresh & White Deo  (₱ 180/60ml.)

Help fight the smell of bad odor while keeping your underarm white and well-moisturized!

Product Bundle (Soothing Cream, Exfoliating Cream, Ultimate Lightening Gel) (₱ 960)

The Lay Bare Product Bundle consists of the Soothing Cream, Exfoliating Cream, and the Ultimate Lightening Gel at a discounted price!

Also available!!!

Lay Bare Signature Scent (₱ 230/30ml)

Will give your room or your home a calming vibe. This also helps reduce stress, as its smell relaxes your senses.”