I love lay bare!



i love the waxing service. i love the staff. i love the ambience. i love everything about laybare ;D

Frequently asked questions

Which service includes waxing on the tummy area? :)

It's part of the chest wax which covers the upper body :)

When can I have the permanent loyalty card?

Once you have accumulated P5000 worth of services you may apply for one at your home branch and your card should be available in 2 weeks.

Do I really need to remove my underwear even if I'm just going to go for a bikini wax? I'm really considering it but since it's my first time I'm a bit shy and anxious. Also, will the 4 hours of no wetting still be followed right after the waxing ses

Yes we still recommend you to wait 4 hours...we can work around your underwear but it could take longer. :)

Hi, i plan on having my upper lip waxed. will the facial hair be thick when it grows afterwards?

No it will be finer even if you never do it again :)

Hi I'm turning 18 this December, do I still need a guardian to go with me? -And I might go with a friend, do you have a branch that has a room where we can be in together?

No need for your parent or guardian but you will need to sign a waiver like all other clients. Unfortunately we do not allow companions inside the cubicle. Sorry about that and rest assured you'll feel safe and comfortable just with your tech :)

hi, nagpa sched ako ng appointment d2 sa site for a full leg waxing in rob galleria (7:30pm) but when i got there naka close na yung branch nila but there where still people inside so pumasok ako. when i talked to one of ur techs they said they haven

Sorry about that...our online appointment page was down for a couple of weeks and mall branches generally do not accept appointments after 3PM (as stated on our website). Rest assured we are modifying this already so appointments are not accepted by the system and not forwarded to the branch. We apologize for this terrible inconvenience and thank you.

i'm a first timer, is it advisable to go for a Brazilian? or is it fine to go for a Bikini first then if i think i can bear the pain, i'd go all the way. hha!

Actually if you're pregnant we do not advise you to get a bikini or brazilian wax unless you have been getting it done eversince plus you have been cleared by your OB :)

hi i was just wondering do you guys offer franchising? because we're interested to open a branch in Zamboanga City.

Yes we are accepting applications for provincial sites. You may email us at info@lay-bare.com and we'll send you details. Thanks for your interest!

How do I acquire and set up a Lay Bare franchise?

You may email us thru info@lay-bare.com for more info :) Thanks for your interest!

available parin ba mga packages niyo till now? especially sa festival mall?

Yes all packages are available in all Lay Bare branches :)

how come your wax tech in atc are kinda masungit and kinda not friendly...unlike sa pilar branch(before) nyo special mention lovely, vicky and nelly they are all super nice as in! dapat nga super nice sila sa atc coz they are catering an A crowd ther

Rest assured I have spoken to the owner of ATC about this. We will surely make sure you don't get that impression again. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, what are your packages? :)

Hi! Please refer to our FB page: LAY BARE WAXING SALON to view the packages. Rest assured our new website will include that info. Thanks!

Hi. I have a lot of ingrown hairs. Can you please tell me what the ingrown hair extractor involves. Thanks :)

The ingrown extractor is a gadget with a pointed end which is used to lift up the hair from the skin and then taken out with thread.

how do you get rid of marks from ingrown hairs? its like it turned into a pimple and became dark :(

I'm afraid you have to resort to bleaching and peeling sessions they have become dark already. Most ingrown hairs do not leave marks though. To avoid getting them, exfoliate regularly.

Can you include in this site your other products? such as whitening cream or antibacterial cream, if any.

We are currently updating our website and will include all products there. Thanks for your suggestion! :)

Hi! i understand that you offer service for eyebrow threading but do you also do eyebrow design such as getting the right shape of brows? because i seriously have a terrible eyebrow. thanks

Yes the technician will shape your brows to suit your face :)

Pano po ako magkakaron ng loyalty card?

Just visit any branch and spend a minimum of P300 to get a stamp :)

When is lay bare waxing salon available here in pampanga??

We are working to open within September 2011 :) See you there!

if i shaved last august 13, can i undergo brazilian wax by september 2?

Normally we wait at least 4 weeks for the hair to be long enough but best to go to a branch to have the length check :)

What if I also wanted to get rid of the set of hair on my fingers but I'm not interested with an arm wax, what would be preferable? though considering I'd be getting another part or other parts of my body done. Should I pay extra?

We charge 1/2 of an arm wax for fingers so that should be P125 for women :)

How long must I wait before I could come back to your waxing salon? specifically for an underarm, bikini, and full/half leg wax?

Underarm about 2 to 3 weeks. Bikini and half-leg 4 to 6 weeks :)

Pag magpapaUA wax, kelangan po ba nakasleeveless or pwedeng nakashirt?? and How long would it take foe UA to whiten? :)

Better to come in a sleeveless shirt so you won't have to remove your clothing :) Your underarm will lighten in time because waxing removes dead skin as well but we advise you to also use whitening products to speed this up :)

Hindi po ba nkakahiya if my UA are dark?

No worries - we have seen all types of underarms. It's our number 1 service so rest assured we have serviced thousands and thousands of them :)

How much is the discount for the birthday month promo? :)

15% off on all services and one free eyebrow threading on your bday month :)

What does the full body service include? Thank you.

Everything from face to toes with complimentary eyebrow threading :)

Do you still have the Birthday month promo? And also, would you have the Couples Brazilian this coming Feb 2012? :)

Yes the birthday promo is an in-house promo and you may avail of that during your bday month by just presenting an ID indicating your bday :) Yes, we always have the Couples Brazilian every February :)

Reminders for a first timer na magpapawax ng underarms?

This is rather quick and painless...just relax and your hair should at least be 2 weeks untouched. :)

After a BW will there be like clogged blood under ur skin.? How long does it disappear after Bw?

If there should be blood at all it will be needle point size due to thick hairs being taken out. This is very rare but normal and should go away just a few minutes after the procedure.

how many days will possibly d hair grows again after waxing for brazillian? proceed pa rin ba ung waxing if nashaved na 2-4 days ago?

Your hair should be at least 4 weeks untouched to get ready for a brazilian wax. You should be completely bald for 2 weeks and hair starts to grow back on the 3rd week. :)

may i ask in waxing the underarm the price of it, is 150.00 right and left underarm?is that correct?

Yes that's correct :) That's for women, P200 for men :)

do you guys accept credit cards as well? will really appreciate if you can make a reply regarding this.thnks!

Yes most branches have credit card terminals :)

ilan ang tao pag nagpapawax ang lalaki?

Just one unless it's a full body wax then we'd probably have 2 techs.

Hi, i'm planning to get a brazilian wax for the first time and I used to shave it, is it effective to take pain relievers before the waxing? Thank you.

Yes it helps...just take it 30mins before the procedure :)

i'm interested in franchising Lay Bare at tarlac city. is tarlac city still available?

Yes we are still open for Tarlac. Kindly email lbwaxing@gmail for more info on franchising :)

Hi! What are your procedures on getting a BW? I'm a first timer but I have done shaving on the area before, do i have to trim it? Or just let the wild hairs stay? lol. Thanks!

No need to trim...we'll take care of that. Just take a shower and a pain reliever 30mins before to make it more comfortable :)

I have a friend who is interested in doing Brazilian for men. His question is, is it normal for a guys to have a hard on when they are being serviced? He is afraid that it would happen to him since all your techs are women. =o)

Yes very normal :) We just cover that part :)

after waxing, how many weeks will it takes before the hair will grows back. is it possible to permanently eliminate all my hair on my legs?thanks.

For leg waxing about 3 to 4 weeks. It won't permanently remove your hair but will make it finer and sparser with continued waxing :)

what should i do to stop the itchiness feeling after waxing? during the session kasi nangati na ko until 2nd day makati pa rin?

You may apply soothing cream which we sell at the branches for only P120. That should address itching and other skin irritations.

f I'm going to avail the Bikini or Brazilian Wax, would it be okay to request the technicians to wear disposable plastic hand gloves? I'm just being really cautious, so pardon me for asking this. :)

That's SOP but again we may only use a glove for the hand that touches your skin and not the one that handles the wax because the wax sticks to the gloves. Don't worry this hand will not touch you. :)

Do you guys sell underarm whitening creams? If yes, are they available in all your branches? Thank you :)

Yes we carry the Mosbeau Underarm Cream which is P950 per 30mg jar.

I sent an email and sent a text regarding my inquiry about the buyanihan voucher but never got a response. I wasn't able to use the voucher because even though it says in the voucher it is valid in any lay bare branches, one particular branch refused

You may email us through info@lay-bare.com as well. The voucher was valid for 3 months - from May 25 to July 25. We also posted on our website and facebook pages that due to the foot traffic we got after 3PM branches would no longer accept appointments of any kind except for select standalone branches that were not busy. We will have to check with the branch you visited and deliberate if we may reconsider. Thank you!


Yes but packages are for the use of a single person. Your companion will have to pay separately for her own threading session. :)

ask ko lang po kung may job opening kayo? at kung pwed ring mag-apply? thanks.

Just submit your resume thru mel@lay-bare.com. Thanks!

"I think it would be best if your technicians will use a disposable plastic hand gloves..." I had a bikini wax at SM Megamall. On the other hand, their service was great naman, technicians that accommodated me were really nice (!!) and didn't made me

Yes we do on the hand that touches the skin but we can't on the other that handles the wax. Rest assured techs wash their hands and sanitize thoroughly before servicing a client.

Do you guys sell underarm whitening creams? If yes, are they available in all your branches? Thank you :)

Yes we carry the Mosbeau Underarm Cream which is P950 per 30mg jar.

How do I apply for a priviledge/discount card?

You qualify for this be reaching P5k worth of services. Just fill out a form at your regular branch and we may process your card. Processing takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

where can i get the soothing cream? is it available in any laybare branch? thank u so much!

Yes it''s available at any branch for P120 only :)

is the package still available?if so, f i avail package 3 the FL,UA,BW can someone get the eyebrow??

The packages are for one person only. Your companion will have to pay separate for her eyebrow threading service.

What can you suggest to help me get rid of the itchy feeling when the hair in legs & underarms start to grow back? Is there a cream na pwede ipahid? Where can i get it? Para i can avoid scratching myself coz of too much itch...Thanks a lot!

You may use what we call the soothing cream. It gets rid of that itchy feeling and other skin irritations. You may get a tube for just P120.

I have been having UA waxing for months now but once in a while had to do shaving due to time constraints.. how do I work on those pores which seemed blackened by about-to-grow hair even after waxing?

Best thing to do is just exfoliate regularly :)

I think it would be best if your technicians will use a disposable plastic hand gloves when doing a BI or BR Wax. I had my first Bikini Wax a couple of weeks ago and they were not using any hand gloves. Pretty awkward having a stranger's bare hands

Yes we do use gloves on the hand that touches the client's skin. What branch was this? You may text us thru 0917-LAY-BARE. Thanks fro reporting this incident.

sa underarm waxing, how many weeks bago ako bumalik ulit? tnx.

Normally 2 to 3 weeks to be ready for another waxing session :)

Would there be any chance that you’ll have a branch in SM Sta. Mesa (Centerpoint)? If not, how to franchise one? Thanks!

Hi! We are not considering SM Centerpoint at this time. Branches closest to this area are: Banawe, Abad Santos and the soon to open Waltermart E. Rodriguez branch. We are accepting franchise applications for provincial sites only. Thanks for your interest in Lay Bare :)

If magpa-wax ako ng Arms, does it include underarms? thanks.

No there is a separate charge for underarms :) For women it's 250 for arms, 150 for underarms :) 50 pesos more for men :)

Is eyebrow threading safe? palagi kc ako ngpapa-threading and marami nagsasabi na it's not safe kasi nakakalabo ng eyes..

Pretty safe...haven't heard that one. It's just not safe with contacts on :)

I'd like to ask about your promo for the birthday month, could I use my passport as basis for the ID with my birthdate?

Yes of course, that should be good. We just need a picture ID with your birthday on it as well :)

is the couple br.wax still available?

Yes it is but not at the buy one take one rate :) That's only good every February of each year :)

is the couple br.wax package still available? if the guy will be waxed is the waxed female? is the a male waxer? thanks.

All our techs are female :)

I have a cold wax kit at home and we once tried to use it on my underarms (had my husband pull out the strip) but I had some bloody spots after. I know that your techs are pros at this but I would just like to know if there will be some bleeding (wo

Yes there could be bleeding if the hair strands are thick but normally this just happens during the first waxing since you're skin is still not used to the trauma :)

is it ok to have a br.wax instead of bi.wax after shaving?it's my first time to have it.thanks.

That is totally up to you but for first-timers we recommend that you try the bikini first before moving up to a full brazilian :)

Hello. Nag sked po ako appointment dito sa site kaso di ata nag checheck sila sa SM NORTH EDSA... Haba kasi ng pila... May pasok pa naman ako...

I'm sorry about that...for a quicker response you may contact our hotline instead: 0917-LAY-BARE. Thanks!

are the prices posted in this website(services field) updated and accurate?. thanks.

Yes we have the same prices from 2006 :)

Your staff advised me before when I first had my UA waxed to apply ice on it to close the opened pores so hair ingrown can be avoided. What if I can't go home immediately after the session? Do you have ice packs in your salon?

You're only to put ice if the area is sore otherwise the pores should close on its own :)

Hi! Just wanna ask if it's ok to rub or apply calamansi on the bikini line after getting a brazalian? if not, when do you think it would be ok to do this?

Wait till 24 hours after before doing this to be on the safe side :)

do I have to put some cream or anything after waxing my UA ? thanks :)

We apply soothing cream to avoid irritation. It is also available for retail sales at P120 each. :)

It will be my first time to go on a waxing treatment and I really wanted to try the full body wax that you offered.. but I have a dark inguinal... do you think it's alright? it's really embarassing

Of course! We wax people from different walks of life :) If you feel self-conscious, go for the basics first: half-leg and underarm wax before going for the full body :)

I'd like to know whether the Mosbeau underarm whitening cream you sell is really effective? And when does the whitening of ua take effect? :)

Apparently it since a lot of clients buy it over and over :) I've tried it myself and would say you'll notice an improvement by the 6th to the 8th week. Good luck!

hello, I'm planning to wax my underarms and get it done on your salon. I have 5 questions. first, Is it okay to have an underarm waxing for a 17 y/o girl? second, what is the length of the hair before waxing the underarms? third, Is it safe? does

You will be asked to sign a waiver but best to have a parent or guardian with you if it's your first time. Your hair should at least be 10 to 14 days untouched. Yes it is pretty safe :)

I'd like to inquire about the premier redemption of the 10% lifetime discount. Do I have to accumulate P5K in just one branch or can I accumulate it to different branches? I was just wondering since I'm P650 away from getting that discount. thanks!

This will have to be accumulated in one branch and you will be asked to fill out a form. We're hoping to change this once we become online, real time and so visits at any branch will be tracked.

Do you have package? And in Full body wax, BW is already there?

Yes the full body wax covers hair from the face to the toes with complimentary eyebrow threading.

I purchased a Buyanihan Voucher and had it claimed last May 9 but upon checking my transactions only EB and UA price is posted. Does the buyanihan voucher not counted for price accumulation? Thanks

Hi there! Buyanihan transactions are recorded at our end as a discount. You may email joana@lay-bare.com to check if you have already qualified for a Premier Loyalty Card. :)

Hi! I'm planning to try BW and that will be my first time. It is advisable or not?

If you are concerned about the pain, I suggest that you try the bikini wax first and see if you can tolerate the discomfort. It would be easier to move up to a full brazilian from there.

Hi... kelangan ba talaga magpa schedule ng appointment b4 pupunta sa branch nyo para mgpa wax?

No need we gladly welcome walk-ins :)

Are you planning any time soon to open a branch in dasma cavite? Hopefully in sm dasma:)

It's definitely in our plans but probably not this year. We'll keep everyone posted! Thanks :)

Im a Fine Arts student from UST. Can I conduct an interview with any of your marketing representatives because I've chosen your product as my thesis. Btw I sent a message on your email for more details regarding this. thanks =)

Yes you may just call Mel at 726-6479 to schedule an interview :) Thanks!

Can i have my underarms waxed if i have a mole in those areas?

Yes if they are just regular moles but for the "buhay" type we have to go around it and make sure we don't touch hairs growing on the mole. Just remind your tech :)

could you please check if the ff names are eligible for the discount card: ruth anne galvez / zena galvez / esther galvez. If so, how do we go about applying for it? Thanks!

Kindly call the branch you frequently visit and they could confirm that for you. When you visit next you will be asked to fill out an application form and you should get your card 30 days from the time of submission. :)

i wanna try brazilian,is the pain bearable?

I suggest you try the bikini first to get a feel of it...then move on to a full brazilian once you're more comfortable.

may i know how much to franchise lay bare and also the terms? =)

The investment is 1 to 2M depending on location and renovation requirements, the term is 5 years and ROI is estimated at 1.5 years :)

good day! i just give birth this april in normal delivery in short i have stitches down there.my question is, is it safe for me to have a BRAZWAX since its already 2months after i gave birth? or i have to wait? and for how long? tnx

Hi there! The best person to answer that question is your OB :) I think based on experience clients wait at least 3 months :)

hi im planning to get a BW tomorrow in SM North and upon reading your FAQ, there are some rare cases that their is an unwax part. BTW Im from paranaque. if this case happens to me would it be possible to go to the nearest branch hear in paranaqu inst

We have branches in Bicutan and BF Paranaque but if you choose to go to SM North best to check if all hairs have been taken out with the use of a mirror to save you the trip. :)

Would you also suggest franchise location to interested franchisees?

We only tell you what areas we are considering but do not really suggest specific locations.

in bikini waxing, do u totally remove the hair in the genetal parts?

No that would be for the brazilian wax only. The bikini wax only removes hair one inch around the bikini line.

is 250PhP for bikini waxing (woman) a fixed price when i visit lay bare?

Yes it's the same fixed price at any Lay Bare branch :)

I'm going to the beach on the first and second week of July. When would it be best to have my whole legs, underarms and eyebrows done? And may discount ba pag legs, UA, eyebrows, and chest and pina-wax? If you are to give tips to the one who waxed yo

Hi! You may check out our cool packages for legs, bikini, underarm and eyebrow threading to get a discount. Best to get everything done at least 3 days before you leave for the beach.

i have an appointment on june 24. is it automatic that i my eyebrow threading is for free?

You get one free eyebrow threading on your birthday month. You will be asked to present an ID to verify your birthday. :)

You get one free eyebrow threading on your birthday month. You will be asked to present an ID to verify your birthday. :)

Yes all services count towards the Premier Loyalty Card. Once you know you've hit the P5k mark, fill out an application form at your regular branch so you may be issued a card.

hello there!i had my Brazilian wax at ur filmore branch. The following day when i checked it, i noticed there's still some hair "in between", can i have re-wax for free? also, i observed that the tech. who did the waxing was harsh in pulling out hair

Sure please visit the branch within the week and we'll be glad to remove the remaining hairs. You may also tell your waxer to be more gentle at any given time. Sometimes they're so used to doing it that they forget every client has different needs. Thank you.

Hi! How soon can I undergo underarm bleaching/whitening treatment after an underarm waxing procedure? Thanks. :)

Wait 48 hours :)

what's the difference between bikini and brazillian wax? do you wax the entire front in a bikini wax?

The brazilian is the total removal of hair in the pubic region while bikini waxing is just one inch around - just enough for hair not to show when wearing a regular bikini. So no we do not wax the entire front of the pubic area.

Hi. I'm 4months pregnant and planning to have a bikini or Brazilian wax.. Would that be safe?

Yes it is safe but we highly discourage pregnant women from getting a bikini or brazilian wax unless you're used to it and you have clearance from your OB :)

What are the benefits of having a premium loyalty card? :)

You get 10% off for cash payments and 5% for credit card payments at any Lay Bare branch :)

ilang sessions before magwhiten talaga yung UA?

The only whitening that would happen after a waxing would be the removal of dead skin...for better results I suggest you go for a glycolic or tretinoin peel :)

do you think, using veet hair removal cream will also work? di ba sya nakakadark ng UA? kasi im not yet allowed to go to your salon bec. im young daw, my parents said. im 14 years old.

I haven't tried Veet in a while but when I did a long time ago only the fine hairs came out :) I'm not sure how it is now :)

how much is the brazilian wax (women)and how long it will take?tnx!

It's P450 and would take about 30 to 45mins :)

Is your robinson metro east branch already open? Where exactly is it located? Thanks :)

We're opening on Saturday, June 18. Visit us at the basement level obliquely across Let's Face It :)

nakakabawas or na reremove ba ng pagsweat ng underarm kapag nagpawax sa inyo?

No we can't promise that but your underarms would whiten in time. :)

nag-home service po ba kayo?

Not at this time but we now have 33 branches to serve you with 8 more to go! :)

i'm bit confused/ is the price 300 for the half leg means both legs will be waxed at 300 pesos only?

Yes that's P300 for both legs for a half-leg wax for women :)

is it okay na magpawax kahit the day before magpawax, nagshave?

No that would be too soon. Your hair should at least be 10 to 14 days untouched to be ready for a waxing :)

im 14 turning 15 this august. busy talaga parents/guardians ko eh. di nila ako masamahan. so can i go there alone? i'll sign a waiver naman eh. :)

Our minimum age is 16 to come without a parent or guardian. Sorry to be strict on this but this is for your protection and ours as well :)

I have a really thick, long and curly hair "down there", would it be possible to trim the hair b4 having a BW? I am planning on having a Brazilian Wax in SM manila branch

No need to trim. Our technician will take care of that :)

I read the difference between your Brazilian and bikini wax. What if you want a thong shape? Meaning i want everything 'in-between' waxed but not the front. S tht brazilian or bikini?

You are probably referring to a landing strip...that is still considered a brazilian since the bikini is just an inch around the panty line :) Do remind your tech though that you want to leave a landing strip since it's pretty automatic that we take it all off when you say you want a brazilian :)

where is the nearest lay-bare salon sa Las Pinas City? im from Bf resort po.

We have a branch on Alabang-Zapote Road at Susana Arcade :) It's between Southmall and Toyota Alabang.

hi, what is laybare's main facebook account po ba?

It's the one that's all CAPS: LAY BARE WAXING SALON. :)

is it safe to have an upper lip waxing?

Yes of course but it is a highly sensitive area and so expect a bit of swelling and redness after the procedure :)

i saw from your fb that you are having a promo (free UA for every BZ). is this for male and female? do i have to get them both in one visit? or can i opt to get the UA at another visit?

That's our promo for AMEX card holders who will us their cards to pay for services :) Yes it's for both male and female clients and both services must be done on the same visit :)

is it normal for guys to get a Brazilian and an underarm wax? will people think i'm gay?

Hi there! Actually 95% of guys who come in for the brazilian are straight. It's more common than getting an underarm wax though :)So no, I don't think people will think your gay in fact Jace of Best Men just got his first brazilian and talked about it on TV :)

hello there! i was just wondering why the staff of lay-bare BTC branch in Cebu doesn't know that i had an online reservation made yesterday? i was shocked coz they ask me to whom did i made the reservation since it was my FIRST TIME i didn't know wha

Hi! Our apologies for that...the branch must have forgotten to refresh their appointment page. We'll remind them to do so to avoid incidents like this. Thank you fro bringing it to our attention.

what date will your branch in robinsons metro east open?

Target opening date is June 15, 2011 :)

gano dapat kahaba ang hair sa upper lip for waxing?

At least 3 weeks untouched :)

I just set an appointment for my Brazilian wax. Can I upgrade it to package 2 during my actual schedule?

Sure you may :)

effective pa rin ba yung 15% discount pag naka worth 5000 waxing services na?

It's 10% off after reaching P5000 worth of services at your home branch. If you want to get it at any branch you have to fill out an application for a Premier Loyalty Card :)

Hi! How much would it cost if I were to purchase a franchise? Cainta, Rizal area please. :) Thanks!

The investment ranges from 1M to 2M depending on location and renovation requirements :)

Hi, i'm 4mons. pregnant and i would like to avail the Brazilian and UA Waxing. I already asked my OB and she said it's okei. Can i atleast sign waiver so i can take the session. Thanks!

Yes you may. If it's your first time to get waxed though we would recommend that you get the bikini wax first. If you think you can handle the discomfort then you may move on to the brazilian. Good luck!

Gaano po ba dapat kahaba ang pubic hair and UA hair for waxing?

Pubic area at least 3 weeks untouched, underarms about 10 days :)

IS it okay to undergo underarm waxing, face waxing and eyebrow threading even if it's my 3rd day of menstrual cycle?

We do not recommend getting waxed when you have your period since you are more prone to getting bruised. Best to wait until 2 days after.

Meron po akong konting hair sa may tiyan ko (as in parang line above the navel). Pwede po ba ipawax yun and how much if ever? Thanks!

This will fall under half of the chest wax so it would be P125 for women and P225 for men.

It's been 3 weeks since i got a very nice arm wax at your salon in the SMCebu branch! :) I was thinking of getting my ua & chest once i get back in the Philippines. I was wondering pala, pwede mag bikini top lang kapag mag pa chest wax ako, at includ

Thank you! Yes wearing a bikini top should be fine :)

Can you please have a branch located in Cubao? I think more of your customers will be very much relieved because the location is more accessible, its the central spot of all the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western destinations. Thanks! =)

Thanks for your suggestion! We are definitely working on that :)

do you sell gift certificates because I want to give it as a gift to a friend. Thanks!

Yes you may purchase Gift Certificates at any Lay Bare branch :)

is it okay to have sex atleast an hour or 2hrs before a brazilian waxing? :))

Before is okay, after you should wait for at least 24 hours. :)

Hi! I have sent a message in the email address you gave me but it can't deliver in that address i did it twice.. is there other way on how i can report a rude employee i encountered?

Our alternate email is lbwaxing@gmail.com. Thank you.

How can i report a rude waxer employee? and what will be your action?

You may email us thru info@laybare.com and rest assured they will be dealt with accrodingly.

Can I use alcohol to clean my armpits after having them waxed?

No we put soothing cream only. Alcohol is very harsh on the skin especially when your pores are still open.

I've had a brazilian waxing done twice at Betterliving and once at Glorietta 3. I was just not very satisfied with the last two brazilian waxings I had. My first brazilian was done very quickly and the tech seemed to know what she was doing.

Your testimonial was incomplete. Kindly email us thru lbwaxing@gmail.com. Thank you.

hi! i'm from cebu. i would just like to ask, what if di makapunta isa sa mga parents ko, coz my dad is not here and my mom has work.. pwede bang guardian nalang isama ko? i'm 17 turning 18 kasi.. TIA!

Yes a guardian would be okay and you'll be asked to sign a waiver as well :) Good luck!

hi im from cebu and i would like to ask if the business is availble for franchise?

Thank you for your interest in Lay Bare. We already have a partner for Cebu who will handle all the branches there.

nagpafull leg wax po ako and may patch ng hair pang naiwan or di ata nawax sa leg ko, pwede po bang iparewax?

Yes as long as you get it done within the same week. Kindly call the branch and schedule a follow-up visit :)

we are interested to apply for A franchise here in SM bacoor cavite. How do we go about it? Please give us the details ASAP. Thanks

Thank you for your interest in Lay Bare. Bacoor is taken though :)Other areas in Cavite are still available :)

Where do I send my complaints? I don't want to post it here sana and I would like to keep our conversation regarding my complaints private. Thank you! :)

Please send thru info@lay-bare.com. Thanks :)

im 2 months pregnant. is it ok to avail waxing services still?

Yes for all services except the bikini or brazilian wax. Should you wish to get them done please get clearance from your OB first :)

Nagpabrazilian ako kanina and nanotice ko na may naiwan pang hairs, pwede ba akong magparewax? And how much?

As long as you get it done within the same week there should be no charge. We'll be more than happy to take out the remaining hair :)

are the technicians allowed to accept tips? is it given to them directly by the client?

Yes we welcome tips :)

kapag ba nagpa ua waxing, u also remove ingrown hairs?

Yes we do :)

Are we allowed to use numbing cream? Or at least would you help us put it just in case?

If it is in gel or liquid form we may but otherwise it might be harder to pull out your hairs :)

I just came from Laybare DASC. My loyalty card needed only 1 more stamp in order to get the 200 off. When I presented my loyalty card and manifested the usual service that I wanted to avail (underarm and upper lip worth 250), I was surprised to lea

Effective May 1, 2011 we imposed a minimum of P300 to get a stamp on the loyalty card. This was announced on our website, facebook fan page, and the different branches as early as March this year. The reason behind this is that we decided against an outright price increase considering the rising costs of raw materials, rent, fuel, etc. We still have the same prices we had since we started 5 years ago but we needed to adjust our discount structure to be able to maintain this.

kapag po ba nagpawax ako ng half legs kasama na yung mga hair sa daliri ko sa paa???

Yes knees to toes :)

hi, r u open for franchise? thanks

Yes we are for provincial locations :)

Hi ! May I ask .. Bakit po parang dumadami ung hairs pag winawax ? is that so ? ... kc ung mga areas na nawax parang dumudoble ung pag tubo ng hairs.

Hi there! Waxing actually makes hair finer and sparser so I'm not sure what you mean...hair growth is still the same as compared to shaving or plucking :)

I'd like to ask if how much is your undearm bleaching? thanx! coz I would like to take that service if ever. Please reply! ;)

We don't offer underarm bleaching, just waxing :)

Hi Ano pong mga packages meron kayo? and how much? thanks!

Hi! Please check out our facebook fan page for the packages. We have 4 different packages :)

I'll be going to the beach on May 12 and I want to try the brazilian wax (first timer). When do you think is the best day I can have it done? Thanks!

At least 3 days before :) Good luck and have fun at the beach!

okey lang po bang magpa-eyebrow threading ako kahit meron akong pimples sa pagitan ng eyebrows ko???

Just tell you tech to avoid those blemished areas :)

when i found out about the alterations in the loyalty card promos I got disappointed, especially since I am a loyal client. But they told me that you are also offering V.I.P. cards for 10% off on all services, with an accumulated service of P5,000.00

Yes that is true we now have a minimum of P300 to get a stamp on your loyalty card. We did this instead of an outright price increase given that we've had the same prices for 5 years despite the increase in prices of raw materials, fuel, rent, etc. We are offering the Premier Loyalty Card for clients who have accumulated P5000 worth of services that entitles you to a 10% discount (5% on credit card transactions) at any Lay Bare branch. Offer is good until December 31, 2011 only.

don't you have a branch in Baguio,aren't you planning to put up one there?

There are future plans to put up in Baguio...we're in Pampanga right now. Will keep everyone posted :) Thanks!

hi! are the prices fixed? where exactly at glorietta 3 are you located? thanks

Yes we have the same prices at any branch :) We're at the 3rd floor in Glorietta 3 right across TGI Fridays :)

Talaga bang P300 na minimum purchase for a Loyalty Card stamp? :( Sana talaga maging P200 man lang at least. :( May chance ba na mag-baba yung minimum purchase? :(

We had to do it that way to be able to keep our very affordable prices...I'm sure clients will understand that we have had the same prices for 5 years despite the rising costs of raw materials, rent, fuel, etc. :)

Why is it that the minimum purchase is P300? Sobra naman ata kasi nag-avail ako kanina ng UA and eyebrow thread, P250 lang umabot. Sana ginawa niyo na lang na P200 kasi the reason why we go to LayBare is because of it's cheap yet wonderful services.

We had to come up with this minimum in order to maintain our prices which are in fact very affordable. We have had the same prices for 5 years despite the rising costs of raw materials, fuel, etc. We felt that it was better to limit the discounts we give out instead of doing an outright price increase.

Hello po...16 pa lang po ako...well, 17 na sa August...kailangan pa po bang kasama ang magulang kapag nagpawax ako or okey lang po kahit hindi na?

We prefer that you come with a parent when you're below 18 but for as long as you understand and sign our waiver will accept a responsible 16 or 17 year old :)

how much if i only want to have my anal hair removed?

500 for men which is the rate of a full brazilian.

how much kung yung sa pwet lang ang ipapawax?

We still charge a full brazilian for that area.

will you have branches in los banos/calamba area? how bout in lipa batangas?

We're working on the locations you mentioned :) Will keep you posted :)

im 14years old, can i go to your salon without any parent/guardian with me? i dont want to bother them, because im the only one who will have treatment.

You are rather young, our cut-off is at least 16 years old to come in without a parent or guardian. They just have to accompany you on your first visit...I'm sure they would mind just one visit :)

Hi! my friend and I availed one of your packages. We were informed by the receptionist that we won't be getting our Php100 and Php200 discount, respectively, because the package is already discounted. I agreed but with the thought that I would still

Great news! Starting today, May 1 the new loyalty card guidelines state that there will just be a minimum spend of P300 meaning if you spend at least P400 (net of discount) you will still get the LC-100 off and at least a minimum of P500 (net of discount) to get the LC-200 off.

i've got hairs even around my nipples.. do you also wax it?

I know we've had requests like that...we do remove the ones on the breast but the ones closest to the nipples we prefer not to touch.

Where in glorietta3 are you exactly located?

We're at the 3rd Floor across TGI Fridays :)

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes we do in fact after 3PM all branches do not take appointments after 3PM.

Are there any preparations needed when getting a Brazilian wax?

Just take a shower and a pain reliever 30mins before the procedure. Get it done at least 3 days before or after your period.

is it necessary na magsumbit ng appointment or pwedeng straight nalang sa salon nyo?

We accept walk-ins but during the summer months we get really busy so it's advisable to come before 3PM.

hi! i would like to ask, what is the 'right length' of the hair for the UA waxing? thanks. :)

Your hair should at least be 10 to 14 days untouched.

Hi! What's with your birthday month promo? Can I avail it together with the Package Promo you offer? My birthday was last April 7. Thanks.

You are only allowed one promo per visit and since the Packages are already discounted we may not give you 15% on top of that. But for regular services you get 15%off plus 1 complimentary eyebrow threading until April 30. :)

When will you open your branch in Robinsons Metro East? Thanks.

Target opening is July 2011 :)

I was just wondering.. I'm 16 turning 17 this coming April 29,2011. Is it okay for me to not bring a parent or guardian to the branch in SM Cebu City? :) I don't really wanna bother my Auntie :P

You'll be asked to sign a waiver. As long as you understand it and are sure you want to go through with the procedure then we'll allow you. :)

what branch is open tomorrow? april 22, 2011 friday

All branches are closed on Good Friday, April 22, 2011.

What are your package promos here in bacolod?

Same packages we have in Manila :) please check our FB fan page - we have a picture of the packages poster on there :)

ok lang po ba na kahit 14 years old pwede na magpa underam wax? please answer. thanks.

As long as you come in with a parent or guardian please. Thanks!

is lay bare open for franchise?

Yes we are accepting applications for provincial sites only. Thank you.

What salon can you recommend for UA peeling and bleaching? Thanks :D

We may refer you to our Derma...please text 0917-LAY-BARE for details.

Is it okay for a first timer to have a full body wax? how long will it take?

Yes it is but you might want to go for a bikini first instead of a brazilian :)approximately 2 hours :)

Are you open this coming Black Saturday, April 23? I am planning to go to your Banawe Branch. Thanks. :-)

Yes most branches will be open by Saturday, April 23 including the Banawe branch :)

How long does it take for the hair to grow after waxing? especially after the brazilian wax?

It varies depending on the body part. For the brazilian it usually takes at least 3 weeks for the hair to grow back.

Hi! after making a reservation online, do i need to call the branch for confirmation? thanks.

No need your appointment is directly sent to the branch. Please be there on time since we will only hold your reservation for 15mins.

Hi. I'm 17. If magpapaunderarm wax ba ako,pwede bang wala ng parent na kasama?Thanks.

We prefer that you come in with a parent if you're below 18...but we have all clients sign a waiver anyway before a procedure may be performed.

can waxing make my underarms whiter?...

It does in time because it also removes dead skin...but of course doing peels and bleaching speeds up the process all the more.

ahm ask ko lng kng 550 ung sa full legs, dalawang legs nba un or 550 per 1 legs lng ?

Yes, that's both legs already :)

Do I have to be naked during a bikini wax? Or will it be alright if I wear thongs?

Normally we ask you to remove your underwear but if you're wearing a really skimpy thong then we can probably work around it.

hi if ever dis is my 1st tym to do brazilian wax my pain tolerance is very low is it really painful???ahow long it will take for brazilian wax???

You may take a pain reliever 30mins before the procedure. The brazilian usually takes about 45mins to an hour for first-time clients.

is brazilian wax really painful for 1st timers???my pain tolerance is very low plz is der any options to lessen the pain?hope u cud help me on dis thank u!

Best to just take a pain reliever 30mins before the procedure. If you're unsure, you may try the bikini first :)

Is the full body waxing include the brazalian wax treatment or is that a seperate charge?

Yes it includes the brazilian :)

Good Evening ! ,,... I have a facial hair. I want get waxed on it. Should I get waxed even if I have pimples ?

We actually do not recommend you to get a facial wax if you have blemishes because almost always it aggravates the condition.

Hi! :D I'm 15 years old and I'm planning to have a full leg wax. How many days after will I able to wear jeans again? Also, should I bring shorts to wear after the treatment? How long will it take my skin to adjust since it's my first time? And lastl

Hi there! Thank you for choosing Lay Bare :) It is better to avoid tight clothing at least during the first 24 hours after your waxing treatment. Your legs should be back to "normal" in 48 hours. Do come in with a parent to signify consent and you will asked to sign a waiver as well.

What do you mean by a fully paid visit? Does it mean that after March 15,2011 all stamps on loyalty card previous to March 15 would no longer be valid?

Fully paid visit means that there was no discount (e.g. bday month, opening discount). After March 15, all valid visits must bear the Lay Bare sticker. By May 1 instead of doing the fully paid visit we will just have a minimum spend of P300 to get a sticker.

Good Day... I just want to ask. Is the tummy waxing and chest waxing are seperated priced? I thought The chest waxing and the tummy are included in one price. Because i went to Laybare this morning and they charge me 300 pesos for tummy waxing and 45

No, that is incorrect. The tummy area is included in the chest wax. Cutoff is the waistline. You should have paid just P450 for this service. Please give us the details for your visit thru 0917-LAY-BARE so we may correct this mistake. Thank you.

Can you recommend a nice exfoliator?

Just your very dependable face towel will do :)

Hi! May company outing kami sa April 15(Friday) and i want have my legs & UA wax. Okay lang ba kung Thursday ako magpunta? This is the only available time that i have. Is it advisable? or kailangan mas maaga? Thanks!

Hi! Better to get is done at least 2 days before :)

Should I bring shorts so I can wear something not tight after my full leg waxing? :)

Yes that would be best :)

Why is my last transaction visit (March 23, 2011) not counted on my account?

To be considered a valid transaction all visits on or after March 15, 2011 must have the LB sticker on the loyalty card. To get a sticker it must be a fully paid visit or a package was bought but come May 1 all visits meeting the P300 minimum will get a sticker. Hope I answered your question. Thank you!

Hi there! When will be the opening of your branch at Festival Mall Alabang? Thanks!

Hi there! Target opening is last week of April 2011 :)

Hi, Can you please post my latest transaction? Thanks

We should be online, real time by end of April 2011 :)

hi nagpa full leg wax ako nung march 25 sa sm manila. gs2 ko lng mlman. my mga natubo n kc ska pag nhahawakan ko ung both side ng legs ko mejo rough. ntatakot ako bka thick and curly prn ung hair like b4. what shud i do.?

Hi! Don't worry after just your first waxing session your hair will grow back finer already. Best to maintain in by visiting us monthly :)

facial after eyebrow threading or threading before facial.???

Facial before threading :)

want to know why eyebrow threading? why not eyebrow waxing? much less painful ryt? tska may nabasa ako online about waxing, it's gonna be my first time kasi kaya i've been reading a lot of waxing details. anyways, it says that to treat redness or swe

Threading instead of waxing for eyebrows because too much tugging on the eyelids could cause them to sag prematurely :)

I've been going to Lay Bare for about a year already. But I go to different branches (both katipunan and sm marikina). how do i get the premium privilege card? do you have a compiled list of my visits in all branches?

Yes we have a record of all your visits. Once you have accumulated P5000 worth of services, you may be able to apply for the Premier Loyalty Card that entitles you to 10% off at any Lay Bare branch. We will roll this out by May 1st. :)

does your technicians have a confidentiality agreement? between staffs and client-to-staff?

We do not have a formal confidentiality agreement but will definitely discuss this with our counsel. It is part of our training to emphasize the importance of confidentiality and we have sanctions for employees who do not observe this.

Hi there. Is it okay for me to have a half leg wax though I have a period?

It is but you are more prone to getting bruised so better to wait til 2 days after it ends.

Good day! I've been going to your salon since Nov 2009 usually at these branches: Filmore, Market Market and now Glorietta 3. I just read about your Loyalty/Privilege card. How will I know when I'm qualified for the card? Thanks!

Hi! The loyalty card is the card we give you on your visit. You get a stamp for each fully paid visit. You get P100 of on the 5th visit and P200 on the 10th visit. As for the Premier Loyalty Card, once you have a total of P5000 you are entitled to a 10% discount everytime you visit any Lab Bare branch.

hi! when will you open here at pampanga? :) thanks

Target opening of the SM Pampanga branch is July 2011 :)

pwde po ba for age of 14 yung underarm wax treatment?

As long as you come in with a parent and sign our waiver. :)

hi, how long will it take for a full body wax session? thanks.

About an hour and a half to two hours.

Hi, me and my friend are planning to have our UAs and legs get waxed this coming saturday (march 26), do we need to refrain from applying lotion and deodorant? Do you check if the hair is ready for waxing or not? For first timers, do you choose who

If you applied lotion or deodorant we will just wipe it off with water. Yes, we check if your hair is the right length. The staff normally rotate but rest assured they are all trained to handle new and old clients alike.

is it ok to have a full body wax after my facial/diamond peel appointment? thnx

As long as you don't wax your face.

i would like to know if it's ok to do a brazilian for the first time? rather than going from bikini to bw? how long the session will take? is it ok to go even after work?

Sure a lot of clients are first time brazilian waxers :) The session normally takes about 15 to 45 mins depending on your discomfort level. It's ok to go after work but better to get it done after showering since you won't be able to wash the area 4 hours after waxing :)

hi! may birthday month promo pla kau. i'm turning 18 n kc this coming march 27. i'm planning to have a full leg wax. my prob is i only have 1 valid school ID at hndi nka indicate dun ung birthdate ko. panu ko ma.avail ung promo na yan?

You will be asked to fill out a client card to indicate our birthday then we'll go with that :)

after waxing do you apply oils that would prevent spots or rashes?

We apply anti-bacterial cream after each procedure. I wouldn't recommend applying oil on your skin after waxing. :)

do you have a privacy policy for your staff?

Hi yes our staff are trained to be very professional.

is it suitable for ages like me the underarm waxing?

We have clients as young as 12 years old who come for underarm waxing. They come with a parent though to make sure they get consent.

I'm planning to try waxing for the first time, do i need to take pain reliever? is there a certain dosage? and What floor is your branch in Megamall and Market Market? Thanks!

We recommend that you take Advil (or any brand you're comfy with) at least 30mins before your bikini or brazilian wax. The other services are very tolerable in terms of discomfort. We're on the 5th Floor at Mega A and 3rd Floor at Market! Market!

kapag nagpa-wax po ba sa legs, magiging curly din po ba yung hair kapag tumubo tulad ng tubo ng ordinary shaver lang ang ginamit?

No, on the contrary hair will grow back finer and sparser.

hi.. may i ask what is the right amount of the ingredients for them to be proportion?

That's a trade secret :)

Have you ended your packages promo? A friend relayed to me it is not offered anymore. I was wondering there was no advice on this on your website or your facebook account. Hope it's not true. Michelle

No that is not true. Packages will always be available even if they're not on our service menu.

If you're going to have a Bikini or Brazilian wax, yung magwawax ba samin, magsusuot ng gloves or something? I mean, I think it's kind of awkward having a stranger doing a Bikini/Brazilian wax with bare hands lang. :-s

Yes technicians will wear a glove on the hand that touches your skin. The other hand that waxes won't since it will stick to the wax. Don't worry aside from washing with soap and water she applies alcohol and/or hand sanitizer before and after performing a procedure.

Hello! I am attending a wedding Monday next week, then heading off to the beach Friday of the same week... Do you think it would be okay for me to get waxed this Thursday in preparation for both events? Won't the hair grow back by the time I hit the

No that should be perfect :)

hi.,. mag sswimming sana kmi sa pool sa march 27.,, gusto ko sana mag pa face wax before mag swimmimg.,., when is the best date for it,.?

At least 3 days before but if you have blemishes we recommend that you skip facial waxing all together since it might aggravate the condition.

ano po mga preparation bago mag pa face wax,.?

Just wash your face :)

Hi! I got a bikini wax yesterday and I noticed that the unwaxed part is itchy and I decided I wanted it to be waxed as well. Can you give me a discount for the brazilian since I already had a bikini wax?

Sure you may just go back to the branch and pay P200 more to upgrade to a brazilian. Please do it within 7 days though. Thank you.

Isa po akong lalaki gs2 ko lang po sanang mag tanong if kaya po ng waxing na matangal ang upper lip hair at facial hair ko, kasi medyo makapal po cya, if posible po yun ilang linggo po ang tinatagal nun bago tumobo ulit? Plan ko din po na mag pa whol

Yes it is possible but men's facial hair is thick and so would be more painful to remove. Re-growth is about 2 to 3 weeks after waxing.

I had my eyebrows and upperlip threading and waxed my underarms as well yesterday..I've noticed just this morning n may mga prang whiteheads ( very tiny vesicles..prang may fluid inside) just above may eyebrows and around my upperlift..normal lng ba

Yes that should go away in a couple of days. That's just how your skin reacts to the slight trauma of pulling out hair.

do you have any stalls some where here in batangas city?? some near location??

Not at this time. So far in the South we only have ATC and Festival Malls. (Festival to open by April 2011)

ask ko lang po pg brazillian anuh ung pinag kaiba ng 450 nah price xah 500?

Female - 450, Male - 500 :)

Hi, first timer here! I scheduled a full leg waxing on the 26th. Do you have any recommended attire for this type of service? Are jeans okay? Thanks!

Sorry for this late reply. It doesn't matter what you wear. we have robes you could use while getting your procedure :)

hi :) . me and my friends are planning to have underarm wax on tues. were 17yrs old na. is it okay that we dont have our parents with us?

We normally ask you to come with your parents if you're below 18 but since we have a waiver that we ask you to sign anyway we'll take you in. :)

how can i avoid chicken skin on my armpit? is exfoliation available in your services? thanks :)

All we can advise you to do is to exfoliate regularly. It's really normal to get chicken skin at times after any hair removal procedure.

hi, i'm planning to have my UA's waxed this friday but it's my third day of period in friday. would that be ok? would it darken my UA's? thanks!

You are usually more prone to bruising when you have your period so best to wait till after because bruising will lead to darkening of underarms.

Hi Lay-Bare! I just moved here in Dasmarinas, Cavite, what is your nearest branch in my area? Thanks!

Unfortunately we closed our Bacoor branch and are still waiting for an ideal space at SM Bacoor. The closest to you with be the SM MOA branch.

good day! do you still have the package promo? thanks!

Yes all packages are available at all Lay Bare branches.

Hi, curious lng...bakit sa ibang salon ang mahal ng browthreading? Reason: Kc meron daw kasama na eyebrow shaping. Ques. is, hindi ba it follows na when u wanted to have ur brows threaded i-shape na din? I do not know, kc I wanted sana na to have a g

Yes eyebrow threading is eyebrow shaping in Lay Bare. Not sure why the others charge so much more :)

Is face waxing better than face threading? What are the advantage and disadvantage of face waxing?

Actually the face is very sensitive since it is exposed to pollution and other elements. We only do face waxing but highly discourage it for people who do not have clear, blemish-free skin.

Lay Bare Salon in Cavite is closed :( I would like to know if there's any Lay Bare near to Cavite.

We're still waiting for a space in SM Bacoor. In the meantime, the closest branch would be SM Mall of Asia. :)

hi, tumatanggap ba kyo ng debit card? d2 xah bacolod city branch?

Yes we have a Bancnet terminal at the Bacolod branch.

Do you still honor Teletech Passport Program? And another question do you have a loyalty program and how to avail it?

Yes it's good till June 18, 2011...just bring your Teletech card and be able to get a free eyebrow threading session for a minimum purchase of P300 OR a free underarm wax when you get a brazilian wax.

Hi. Just wondering if it's normal for the waxed area to become itchy days after shaving; I've had my legs waxed twice now. I think it's the effect of regrowing hair.. What product would you guys recommend to stop the itchiness? Thanks.^^

If you shave after waxing yes it will itch all the more...but when you wax only - just the first couple of sessions will itch after the procedure. We have a soothing lotion that will soon be sold at our branches. That should address your problem :)

do you have any promos for this valentine's just like before? :) thanks!

We have the Couples Brazilian promo until February 28 :)

i have underarm problem,what treatment would u advice me to do...

All we can do is remove your underarm hair...in time it does make your underarms appear whiter and smoother.

how long should underarm hair before waxing? I do pluck it so i'm not sure if my hair will regrow within 10days. TIA!

It should be ready for a waxing in 10 to 14 days :)

Sana magkaroon din dito sa Malolos Bulacan or sa SM Pampanga...

Dear Valued Visitor, we are definitely planning to have one in one of those sites very soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy our wonderful waxing services in our Plaridel, Bulacan Branch. Thank You

Hi, i had my 1st bikini wax the other day and now i have red and white spots (like whiteheads/small pimples) in my area. is this normal? how long will it last? the other parts i regularly wax dont ahve this kind of reaction. thnks.

Yes, that is normal and should you away in a few days. Please make sure you don't scratch them though.

Good morning. Would like to ask if it's okay for my 15 y/o daughter to have her UAs waxed? is that P150/UA? thank you.

Yes along as she is accompanied by a parent that would be ok. It is 150 for both underarms.

I will have my first Brazilian wax this monday..can i ask how many days bago sa tumubo ulit..thankx

About 7 to 10 days before you see the first stubble :)

Hi! Good day! Ask ko lang How many days before going to the beach to get full leg waxing (both legs).. Thanks!=)

Give it at least 3 days :)

Hi! I am just wondering when my premier loyalty card will be available? I have been your client for a couple of years na at your ybardaloza branch. Thanks

You may check with Jimvy at the Ybardolaza branch. Thank you.

In case I wish to have the ingrown hair extractor used during one of the service, would that be for an dditional charge?

No, there is no extra charge.

hi there Lay Bare! is it ok to have UA, FuLL Leg & BraziLLian Waxing in just one session? how many mins/hours will it take?

Yes of course! About an hour to and hour and a half depending on how much hair you have.

Hindi pantay yung pagkaka-thread sa eyebrows ko... Nagpa-thread ako sa may laybare katip.. :(

'm sorry to hear that. If you can please go to the branch again and we'll get that fixed. Thank you.

Hello! I'm Majal and I'm getting married on Feb 8. I'd like to inquire if: 1. It's advisable to have the full-body wax a day before the wedding or should it be 2 days before the wedding? 2. What are the do's and dont's. 3. Would the full body wax

Best to get it done at least 5 days before the wedding for a full body wax to give your skin time to heal.

I lost my Lay Bare card just yesterday. What am I going to do? Sayang yung mga stamps nun. Pero pano yun, may record pa rin ba ko sa Lay Bare kung magkano na lahat lahat ng nagastos ko or what? :(

We may issue you a new card however all previous visits will be forfeited.

How is the Brazilian wax done?

Hair in the pubic region is pulled out from top to bottom including the anal area. Cornstarch is applied first before the wax. When the procedure is done an anti-bacterial cream will be applied on the waxed area.

Is it okay to sweat excessively right after getting my underarms waxed? I'm scheduled to hit the gym but I still haven't had my armpits done and there's not enough time.

Actually we advise you to avoid strenuous activities that could cause you to sweat after a waxing treatment. Your pores are still open and could attract bacteria.

Does Brazilian waxing can remove or at least minimize the appearance of chicken skin to underarms?

Brazilian waxing is removal of hair in the pubic region. Waxing perse does not improve the appearance of chicken skin - it really depends on your skin.

when is the opening of glorietta 3 branch? thank you.

The new target date is January 25. :)

Good day! I had my underarm waxed yesterday (January 10, 2011) at SM North EDSA (The Block). It was my first time to try Lay-Bare and I am satisfied with the service. However, I learned that you have a Birthday month promo thru this website.

You get 1 free eyebrow threading session and 15% off on all services on your bday month :)

is your Malugay Street, Makati City branch still operating?? kc sabi ng friend q wla na daw dun.. un kc pinakama lapit sakin.. thanks

Yes, the Buendia branch is still open. :)

What are the do's and don'ts BEFORE and AFTER getting a Brazilian Wax? Are there any products needed to use after getting a Brazilian? Also, how long should one wait before having contact with the partner after having a Brazilian Wax?

Before: take a shower and pain reliever. Best to get it done no later or sooner than 3 days before or after your period to make it more tolerable. After: Don't scratch and avoid contact for 48 hours.

Are you open today Dec. 31?

Only mall branches (except SM Manila) are open today, December 31.

Are your techs can do shapes down there? In what service will it fall, bikini/brazillian? thanks.

That would be considered a brazilian with an extra charge of P200. Yes we have some shapes available but not all branches carry them. :)

are you open today(december 25, 2010)? til wat time? for san juan branch :)) tnx!

The Abad Santos branch was closed last December 25 and will also be closed on December 31 and January 1st. Only mall branches (except for SM Manila) will be open on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Hi..when are you opening your sm bacoor branch? thanks!

Still waiting for an ideal space at SM Bacoor :)

I got a facial wax yesterday at SM Megamall Branch. Why is it rashes started to appear on my whole face? Until now it is not gone yet. I'm worried!! :(

Best not to put anything on it. It should be gone in a couple of days. If they're still there by the end of the week, please let us know.

Do you already have a branch in SM MOA?

Yes, we do. It's located at the 2F of the South Parking Building, where the dept. store is.

i have read that you dont do threading anymore, because it is proved dangerous, so if there are some hair left after the wax, what are your methods? and is it ok to go for a cold wax, even though im used to getting hot wax treatment? thanks

We only don't thread underarms after waxing but pluck instead. Other areas are ok to thread like legs, pubic area, face for men.

Where are you located in SM Bacoor?

we are still waiting for a space in SM Bacoor. Closest branch would be MOA :)

Hi! Gaano kahaba dapat ang facial hair para sa waxing?

About 10 to 14 days untouched :)

hello, I'm 17 yrs old. Ttanong ko lang po...if magpapaunderarm wax ako, kelangan po ba may parental consent pa?

We prefer that you come with a parent when you're below 18 and getting waxed for the first time. We will require you to sign a waiver as well.

I would like to know more about franchising. I sent an email but have not received any reply. Hope you received my email. Thanks!

We are accepting applications for sites outside Metro Manila. The franchise investment ranges from 1 to 1.5M depending on location and renovation requirements, term is 5 years and ROI is at 1.5 years. Thank you for your interest in Lay Bare!

hi, im a guy planning to have a full body wax...are all your techs female? or can i request for a male tech?

All techs are female. Don't worry they are experienced in handling male clients as well.

May I just ask, because I have hair EVERYWHERE including my tummy, on my breasts and on my cheeks, will the full body wax include those areas? I've waxed my face before but they only removed the hair around my lips.

The face wax should include the whole face except the eyebrows. The full body wax covers the face to the toes and everything in between so that should include all the other areas you mentioned.

I'm 16 and have been planning to have my legs waxed, do I need a parent to accompany me?

Yes, preferably if you are under 18 we require one of your parents to give their consent.

The rates posted on the website -- are they applicable to all branches including Cebu? :)

Yes, the rates are the same at any Lay Bare branch :)

hi before having a brazilian wax should i trim it down there first? it's my first time! :P

No need - best to leave it as is. :)

what if the client insisted that i should go with her inside? if she wanted me to be by her side while doing the brazilian.

It's strictly not allowed. A technician who allows this will be penalized. I'm sorry.

can i come inside while my girlfriend is doing brazilian waxing?

Only clients are allowed inside the cubicles :)


No tight clothing after waxing. Best to wait till the next day because it could cause irritation both from the friction and sweat :)

What if I get an erection during bikini was?

You may take a minute and your technician will continue once you are ready.

After getting waxed in the armpits, how soon can I put deodorant?

Wait at least 4 hours. If you get waxed in the late afternoon best to wait until the next day.

Before I get an armpit wax, should I put deodorant? Won't it prevent the wax from sticking to the hair?

We actually wipe off the deodorant before waxing. Yes you're right - it would make it harder for the wax to take the hair out.

Bikini wax, does it include waxing your behind?

No that would be part of the brazilian wax.

I had UA waxing for the first time.After 3 days, I noticed some bumps in my armpits,though I left it untouched naman for 1 day.I've had them for 5 days already.Not really sure if they're in-growns eh but I think they're not.Can you give me some advi

The best way to get rid of them is by exfoliating :)

Since Lay Bare's cold sugar wax jelly is only made up of sugar, kalamansi, and honey, would it be okay for us to make our own cold sugar wax jelly too? And would the effects still the same?

The trick is just to get the perfect proportions of each ingredient so the effects would be the same :)

I avail UA Laser Hair Removal and am under maintenance already, meaning hair growth is minimal and session is recommended only when necessary. Is it ok for me to get UA waxing during this period? I was told that if you start with laser treatment, any

Better to ask that question of your laser specialist. I am not sure what rules they follow regarding in between treatment visits. Although we have had clients who have undergone laser but still come for UA waxing.

Kelangan ba na magpaappointment muna bago pumunta or tumatanggap parin kayo kahit walang appointment?

Yes, we accept walk-ins and appointments :)

Kapag po ba magpapaunderarm wax kelangan po ba nakasleeveless po?

No but you will be asked to remove your top and wear a lab gown if you're not wearing one :)

When I appoint for a full body, can I NOT include some parts like chest and back?

Yes and you shall be billed accrodingly :)

I'm just concerned about having your eyebrows done. Pano kung tabingi yung pagkaka-thread ng eyebrows mo, what do we get for it in return aside from the fact that you have an uneven eyebrows?

Your tech will make sure that your eyebrows are even and that you are satisfied with how they look :)

I'm 17 and planning to have a full body wax, this would actually be my first time to wax at a waxing salon. and also Im planning have wax, kci mabalbon ako and I hate it. Question ko po is, magnagpawax ako, ilan days bumabalik ung hair??

It varies per body part. Underarm hair grow ranck in 2 weeks, legs in 3 to 4 weeks and bikini line hair in 4 to 6 weeks.

What does full body waxing include? Does it include face to toe including eyebrow threading and brazilian wax? Can I avail it w/ 20% discount at SM Marikina?

It's face to toes with complimentary eyebrow threading. Yes, you may avail of the 20% discount at the SM Marikina branch until October 16, 2010 :)

Hi! Masakit po ba BW?

There is a bit of discomfort definitely but the results should be worth it :)

Do you have an email ad where we can comment or complain(or rant) about services of a certain branch?

All comments and FAQs on the website are viewed by management don't you worry :) We will address all your concerns ASAP. You may also reach us through info@lay-bare.com or lbwaxing@gmail.com. Thank you.

hi there, gud day.. i wanted to try brazilian waxing, but i'm shy.. kasi po di nman aq gnun kakinis or kaputi..

Don't worry our clients start out shy in the beginning and get the hang of it after a few minutes. Our techs will make sure that you are as comfy as possible. Good luck!

hello, I'm from Cebu and correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have a branch in SM Cebu (Northwing) right? can you post in your website the complete contact information? for my reference...thanks!

Surely :) It's (032) 505-7805 for the SM City Cebu branch.

do you offer package services? if you do, could you post it too...for my reference, thanks!

It's still 20% off at the SM City Cebu branch until November 10, 2010 :)

Hi just like to ask if it would be ok to undergo wax after underarm peeling? if so, when is the best time to be waxed after peeling?

Your underarms may not be waxed when they are peeling because of a treatment, sunburn or otherwise :) Best to wait until it has completely peeled even better to get the waxing done 2 days before peeling.

hi, when Lay-Bare rockwell business center branch here at ortigas will open for services? :)

Target opening date of the Rockwell Ortigas branch is January 2011 :)

hi, i had my third card from lay bare last august 11, 2010. I will had my fourth appointment for my third card this week, am I qualified for the lifetime or loyalty card since it is stated that when you reach 5000worth of wax I will be entitled for

Yes you will be entitled to a Premier Loyalty card upon reaching the P5000 level. This allows you to get a 10% discount at any Lay Bare branch.

can I avail the free underarm at a different branch from where I got my brazilian (7days promo)

You may only avail of the free service at the same branch where you had your treatment done :)

Hello. i would just like to ask if the new place in Libis is already opened? The last time I went there they said they are moving near TOSH.

Hi! Yes the newly renovated Libis branch is open. It is now located next to Sushiya Restaurant....a few buildings away from its previous site :)

Hey.. I know my ques is kinda weird or something but I'm serious. welcome ba sa ganitong Salon yung mga simpleng tao like me? Believe it or not, there are people who are scared to enter places like this because it looks pang mayaman lang or something

Of course! We welcome clients of all ages, genders and backgrounds :) Don't be deceived by our salon look, our technicians are very accommodating and rest assured you will be taken cared of :)

If i opt for a facial wax, is it safe even if i have a great number of pimples? and does the facial wax cover eyebrow threading and upper/lower lip waxing?thanks

We actually do not perform the facial wax on clients with blemishes because this will aggravate the condition. Face waxing includes the upper lip area but eyebrow threading is separate.

is it ok to have underarm waxing then afterwards have a body scrub?

Do the body scrub first then get waxed :)

do you allow wax services (esp. underarm and brazilian) to pregnant? i'm 31 week pregnant tnx

Yes we do except for the bikini and brazlian unless you've had them even before getting pregnant and are already used to the discomfort. If your OB gives you a go signal and you think you're ready then we may make an exception.

hi im a newbie. and i will be in boracay this Nov. and i would love to be waxed out. do you suggest that i get a first hand this early or have it on a later date? TIA!

It would be optimal to get it done 3 days before heading to the beach :)

I am interested in getting a franchise. What are the terms and who should I contact?

You may send your inquires to lbwaxing@gmail.com :)

can i use the loyalty card in any branch??or not?? thank you:)

Yes, the loyalty card will be honored at any Lay Bare branch. You only get a stamp for each fully paid visit.

masakit ba talga mag pa wax? kze dami ko nababasa sakit daw :( gusto ko pa nmn sana mag pagawa kaya lang na uuna ung takot ko.

Try a half-leg wax first and see how tolerable it actually is :)

r u open for franchise?sumwer here in rizal?if possible,how much?thanks

Yes we are now accepting applications for sites outside Metro Manila. You may email lbwaxing@gmail.com for more info :)

i've shaved my legs and i had this black spots like chicken skin and also my legs has been itchy and dry. will waxing remove this?? and will it not make chicken skin? response much appreciated. ☺ thanks!

All hair removal procedures could cause chicken skin. The best thing to do is exfoliate regularly. Compared to shaving though waxing has proven to be less itchy afterwards :)

Hi. I still have my period today but I am going to Boracay next friday and wanted to have my underarm and lower leg waxed and it's my first time. what day is it safe to have an appointment for waxing? will monday/tuesday be fine? thanks

Yes, best to visit us at least 3 days before heading to the beach :)

di ba nakakahiya mgpa brazillian?

At first it is but you get the hang of it :) Plus we've done this things many times over so don't worry our techs are used to brazilian first-timers :)

Hi. is it safe to do waxing even i am expecting my period late this week or early next week? & how long does UA waxing, half leg waxing n eyebrow treading last? thanks

Best to get it done 3 days before or after your period since you are more sensitive when menstruating :) about 45mins to an hour for all those 3 services.

Hi, I'd like to ask how you guys keep your wax and equipment sterile especially the ones used for brazilian and bikini waxing? Cos i just got a brazilian and i developed itchiness and a fungal infection. I just wanted you guys to know because I reall

Yes we do :) Rest assured all waxing gadgets are cleaned and sterilized for each client and wax are individually packed and kept clean at all times.

I'm a first timer...how long will full body waxing take me...?

Set aside an hour and a half to 2 hours for a full body wax :)

hi. i'd like to schedule for underarm waxing come sept 1. will my underarm hair be okay for waxing if it has been unshaved for only 8 days by that time? (i shaved yesterday). Thanks.

We normally wait at least 10 days to 2 weeks. Sometimes hair isn't long enough yet and hard to pull out with wax plus you could get bruised if it's still too short. Best to resked at least 3 days later.

It would be my first time to try waxing..What are the things that I need to do before I undergo a full body waxing...?

Take a shower and a pain reliever before visiting us and make sure you have a couple of hours to spare for the procedure :)

Hi! I went to Lay Bare here in Bacoor, its no longer there. Did they transfer? or permanently closed already?

Yes, that location is permanently closed. We will be moving to SM Bacoor although we do not have an ideal space yet. Watch out for the opening of the SM MOA branch in October and we'll keep you posted on SM Bacoor! Thanks :)

I have red bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Is it okay to my legs waxed even though?

Yes, and we may help you get rid of them if you wish with an Ingrown Extractor :)

may age limit po ba ang underarm waxing nyo? gusto kasi ng sister ko i-avail ung underarm waxing nyo pero she's only 12 years old. pwede na po ba yun?

As long as she comes in with a consenting parent we'll take her in :)

Open din po ba kayo for walk-in?

Yes, our cubicles are split between clients who walk-in and those who have appointments. :)

Full body wax includes what?

Face to toes and everything in between with complimentary eyebrow threading :)

I just want to ask a question. The last time I had my eyebrows done at SM Megamall, nagka-sugatsugat yung kilay ko. That was two-three weeks ago pero okay na siya ngayon. Pano yun? :/

That's unusual. Usually it turns red but it should go away in a couple of days. Best to just leave it alone should it happen again and remind your technician to be more gentle since you bruise easily :)

Is LayBare on twitter? I've been mentioning LayBare in my tweets though.

Unfortunately we're not :) All we have is this and our Facebook page :)

Las Pinas branch: you can now accept it if i pay using my BDO ATM savings account (debit) correct?

Yup, we accept credit and debit cards at our Las Pinas branch :)

I'm wondering why franchising in Manila is close?? Do you have a branch at Mall of Asia?? Im so interested in having a franchise of Laybare.

We have a number of bracnhes in Metro Manila set to open this 3rd quarter including MOA :) Franchising is limited to outside Metro Manila sites since we are already covered for Metro Manila.

yung waxing of underarm ba na worth P150.00, both underarms po ba un or single lang? hoping to answer this question. Thank you =)

Yes, our underarm wax for female for P150.00 is for both underarms :)

my hubby would like to accompany me in the cubicle during the brazilian waxing procedure itself, is that allowed?

Hi! Only clients are allowed inside the cubicles during the procedure :) Companions are requested to wait at the reception area :)

What happens if I work out after getting my underarms waxed?

Hi there! We normally advise our clients not to work out after a treatment, as bacteria from sweating may accumulate in the affected area. It is better to wait about 4 hours (the amount of time for skin pores to close) after the procedure to get into physical exercise.

Had my Brazilian wasx last 25th of July at Megamall Branch and I have redness and my skin down there has its chicken skin with lil redness (its like chicken pox). What do I need to do?

That it is a normal reaction after the procedure :) That would normally subside after a few days. We recommend clients to exfoliate regularly for prevention :)

Are my previous transactions counted for the loyalty card even if I'm not yet a member of the site?

All transactions are counted towards the accumulated P5000 worth of services but the loyalty card program has its own guidelines.

Hello, I'm interested to franchise too. Will wait for your announcement = ) Also love that your group is very customer oriented. We appreciate that a lot!

Thanks for the positive feedback and the continued support :) We are now accepting applications for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Unfortunately, we had to close Metro Manila already since we have it pretty much covered. :)

Hi there! out of curiosity, i really wanted to try brazilian wax...but im a bit undecided pa...is it really painful? how was it for first timers?

Hi there! It is normal to feel pain during the procedure. We advise clients to take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to the treatment to lessen the pain, especially during their first time. For your succeeding visits, we suggest that you come more frequently while hair is still very short for the procedure to be quick and less painful!

Hi I shave, I just shaved today and I will get the Brazilian on July 15, 2010. Is this okay?

Normally you have to wait at least 3 weeks for your hair to be long enough for a brazilian wax. :)

Hi.I've never had a brazilian and would like to try it. According to your price list it's 450 for this service, is it still so? is it painful? and Is your branch in Megamall open already? I tried looking for it in their directory but I could not fin

Yes, we have been open at SM Megamall since May 15, 2010. It is still P450 and there definitely is a bit of discomfort especially for a first-timer but you should be ok just a few minutes after the procedure :)

hello, I'm a 40 years old male. I would like to ask if it is painful to have a brazilian wax. I shave every month or sometimes trim. I am also active sexually, almost every day. Will it have any side effect or do I have to abstain from it after the

Best to give your brazilian a couple of days before going back to your old routine - just to make sure your pores have completely closed to avoid bacteria. The brazilian will definitely sting a bit but the results are definitely worth it!

How long do you have to wait to have sex after a Brazilian Wax?

Give it 48 hours to be on the safe side :)

Hello. I would just like to ask if you do threading or waxing for upper/lower lip? May I also know if it's safe to undergo steam bath a day after upper/lower lip waxing/threading? Thank you! :)

Best to give it 48 hours since going in the sauna would make you sweat and sweat breeds bacteria! We wax and then thread your upper lip if there are still baby hairs left.

Hello! Regarding your loyalty card what if I go to different branches, can you still monitor my services, if it already reached your 5k requirement?

Yes, we have a database that tracks your services. You may check with the branch you visit the most to see if you've hit the mark already and they could issue you a Premier Loyalty Card that you may present at any branch to get the 10% off.

Is it ok not to set up an appointment for brazilian waxing or other services?

Yes we accept appointments at all branches. You may call or text 0917-LAY-BARE.

hi.. my frend and i went to sm manila branch last sunday for a waxing session, but yesterday, she noticed that there are still hair left on her legs and face.. what shall we do?

You may go back to the branch...as long as you come back within a week's time we'll redo the service free of charge. Thanks and our apologies for this inconvenience.

hi again. i had my 1st brazilian wax last sunday, until now, parang chicken skin pa din ung skin ko dun.. normal po ba un? ilan days bago mawawala? thanks!

That's normal esp for first-timers. It could take a few hours to a few days before it completely goes away.

Hi! Kapag napgpa-wax ba ako sa Lay Bare ung hair regrowth ba mas makapal o numinipis na. I use veet kasi kaso kumakapal ung hair.

Waxing will make your hair finer and sparser but this doesn't happen overnight...give it a few sessions to notice the difference.

I wanted to try the Brazilian Wax but I'm really shy. And I think it's so awkward to have your private parts waxed by a complete stranger. :(

It is at first but we make it very private and very comfy for you. You'll get the hang of it in no time! :)

It would be nice if you could give me the approximate time/month na magkakaroon kayo ng branch sa SM Marikina/Sta. Lucia/Robinsons Metro East? :) There are a lot of people who are looking for Lay Bare in that area/ Including me! I hope you can have a

We have pending applications with SM Marikina and Robinson's Metro East so once they're ready for us we'll be there :) Hopefully by 4th quarter this year :)

why you dont provide home service?

We want to capitalize on the ambiance and comfort of our branches and we have 24 so far so we should be accessible to most anyone in Metro Manila. At the same time we do not want to encourage the staff to take our business elsewhere. Hope to see you in one of our branches soon :)

Hi, how long will it take to have a half leg wax? thanks

For first timers about 45mins, follow-ups about 30. :)

Hi, I've had rashes (I dunno if they were allergies) on my underarms before and had the derma treat them. Do you think it would be safe for me to have my underarms waxed? Thanks and more power. :)

Better clear it with your Derma first but based on experience if your underarm is rash-free at the time of waxing it should be okay :)

yung waxing of leg ba na worth P500.00, both legs po ba un or single leg lang? hoping to answer this question. Thank you

both legs :)

pwede po bang idagdag nyo sa service ang underarm threading? kasi nung hindi nag work ang wax sakin, threading ang ginawa. mang ganda kasi ng result :)

Actually we no longer practice underarm threading even for remaining hairs since it has proven to be dangerous for underarm skin.

i read on the posters in your branch that if i got to spend Php5000(accumulated) on your services my loyalty card would be changed to a privileged card. just want to ask, how would i know that i've already reached Php5000? do i need to keep my receipt

Yes, that's correct. Your Lay Bare premier loyalty card entitles you to a 10% discount at ANY Lay Bare branh. We will start giving out the premier loyalty cards this July 1. Do ask your branch about it. :) No need to present your receipts :)

I went to SM Megamall branch for a threading and underarm waxing appointment last June 12. First time ko po yun magpa-wax and thread. And I'm not really sure kung ako lang or umitim yung underarms ko. Pano po yun? :(

Waxing should make your underarms look lighter once hair is taken out from the roots :) Due to the pressure though your underarm skin could appear darker at first but should go away in a couple of days. If you're bothered by it please go back to the branch so we may take a look. Thanks!

Do you sell any kind of whitening and moisturizing cream that would help my underarms look a bit lighter and smoother? :) If yes, how much would that be?

We carry the Mosbeau Underarm cream which is P950 for a 30gram jar. It's available at any Lay Bare branch.

Sana magka-roon din po kayo ng branch sa Sta. Lucia East GrandMall asap. Marami po kasing naghahanap ng Lay Bare dun eh. :)

Hi there! We're working on a space at SM Marikina first then Sta. Lucia...slowly but surely :) Thanks!

Hi, what if I am just finish with my brazilian wax procedure however there is a sudden urge to pee, how will I be able to do that without irritating my skin down there?

That should be ok just wipe instead of washing the area :)

i am turning 17.. that is still quite young do you think i am ready for bikini or brazilian waxing? and which is better among the two considering that i haven't tried waxing before? i also want to ask how to get to plaridel brach when i'm from balag

We advise clients who are below 18 years old to come with their parents. If allowed, better to go for a bikini wax and then later move on to the brazilian once you can tolerate the discomfort :)

when is the best time for me to have my brazilian wax? first time. and im going to boracay this coming june20-22. what preps should i do?

Best to get it done 2 to 3 days before. Just take a shower, a pian reliever 30mins before and relax. It's not as bad as you've heard :)

Is it okay to have a whole body waxed even if I'm super pawisin?

That should be okay but try to avoid doing things that make you sweat immediately after getting waxed since your pores are still open and would need about 4 hours to fully close.

Hi! Just want to ask if I need an appointment or can I just go there already w/o appointments?

Yes, walk-ins are ok but we recommend you make an appointment to avoid waiting in line. :)

sana mgkaron din ng branch dto sa laguna.tnx

Working on it! We're opening in Alabang Town Center very soon so palapit na kami ng palapit sa Laguna! :)

Hi I had a br-wax yesterday at your megamall branch. I thought everything was pulled-out, however when I checked it at home there's still some hair can I have a re-wax for free?

Hi there! Yes you may call the branch at 470-8872 and advise them. They should be able to redo it if you come within a week. :) Sorry about that and thanks!

Hi! R u open for franchising? Thanks.

We are only open for franchising in the Bacolod/Iloilo/Dumaguete areas :)

what is the best to do with my hair in my legs???

Waxing is still a better alternative to shaving. It would leave you hair-free for weeks plus hair re-growth is finer and sparser.

How long does your underarm hair have to be before waxing it? So do you have to stop shaving for how long?

Hair should be untouched for at least 10 days to 2 weeks :)

I would like to ask if you guys wax your tummy area, my stomach area is a bit hairy and i would like to know if you can wax there :) And is it safe?

Yes but that is part of the chest area which is neck to waist :) Yes it is pretty safe the chest is prone to pimples though during the summer ones when we tend to sweat more :)

Hi, i would just like to ask what happens if you wax your underarms? i have been shaving my underarms all the time and i would like to ask if all the hair would go out? Also, if it grows back, will it be more and rough? And, how long will it grow back

Underarm hair has to be left untouched about 10 days to be ready for a waxing. It normally grows back in 10 to 14 days as well. Yes they will all come out when waxed. :)

how long before the hair in the eyebrows from threading regrows?

About 3 to 4 weeks any you may easily pluck the stray hairs with a handy tweezer since it takes a while before your brows to get out of shape :)

Is it safe to apply clear soothing gel (Herbal Aloe) 3-4 hours after getting a brazilian? Thanks! :)

We apply a soothing cream that is aloe-based right after the procedure so doing is 3 to 4 hours later should be equally safe. :)

good morning! i just want to ask if there is a shower room in your LPL Greenbelt 5 branch where I can freshen up before my whole boday fax.

We are currently installing our own toilet but it does not have a shower room. If you don't mind using the bidet then you could probably do a quick shower there. It should be up and working by next week.

i have a bad experience in full legs waxing it makes my skin irritate thats why i have trauma in waxing then i do shaving in almost 2 years but i amtired of everyday shaving thats why i want to try this brazillian waxing because my bikini line,underarm

Do try leg waxing first and then move on to the other services. Legs are not usually sensitive to waxing so best to try that first :) Good luck!

i am female i wanted to try bikini,under arm and full legs service is your waxer also female?

All our techs are female :)

when will you open a branch inside the malls so it will be very accessible?

We now have 3 mall locations: SM Fairview, Market! Market!, and SM Megamall. In line are SM Manila, The Block, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall to name a few...so it will definitely be more accessible for mall goers like yourself soon!

Hello, I just had my bikini wax and took a shower because I really need to. I have some red w/white spots in the treated area and it hurts. What should I do?

Soreness and redness is normal after a wax session...just don't scratch the area. It should go away in a couple of days. :)

hi! i have in- grown spots on my under arms due to plucking and shaving, so i decided to have under arm wax a while ago. what is the best way to do to get rid if this nasty spots? they are so red in color and it hurts. :(

Best to exfoliate regularly but wait till the redness disappears first. :)

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes we take visa, mastercard, amex and jcb. :)

When is the best time to have my brazilian.. am due to give birth last week of July or first week of August.

I suggest you get it when you reach full term or at least 36 weeks :)

hi!!!laybare plaridel still dont have credit card transactions for almost 2months already we cant avail the freebies from hsbc...hehhehe..hope they'll find a way to fix it asap

Hi! There is a credit card terminal at Lay Bare Plaridel branch already :) Kindly ask your technician for assistance :) Thanks!

how long will i have to wait before applying deodorant on a newly waxed underarm?

At least 4 hours. If you get waxed in the afternoon or evening I suggest you wait till the next morning especially if it's your first time.

Hi, i m male and i m foreigner out here in philippines... which branch is best for the whole body waxing for men and which branch have experts to do that because i m more hairy than usual filippino males. looking forward for ur reply.

Thank you for your inquiry! All our branches have had many experiences taking care of foreign clients. You may just click on our locations page to see the branch nearest you!

"As much as possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 24-48 hours to avoid hyperpigmentation." Does this also apply to the waxed underarm? Thanks!

Only if you plan to expose your underarms under the sun but otherwise you should be okay :)

are u open for franchise?

Hi there! We're on hold for franchising at the moment. We'll post an announcement here once that changes :) Thanks!

Im going to the beach Apr 17, when is the best date for my bikini or brazilian wax? :)

Hi there! Best to get it done 2 to 3 days before your beach trip especially if it's your first time. Have fun! :)

Hi, this is more of an observation rather than a question. I've been a laybare customer in Las Piñas branch since they started out last year, really satisfied with the service. However lately I've been checking the branch and surely you only have 1 s

Hi there! Your message was incomplete but I'm guessing your observation is about our senior waxer who was out for a while? Hazel will be back on Saturday, April 3. :)

is threading included after whole legs waxing..some hairs on my legs was not removed,,thats why im not satisfied with my second waxing session..huh

Hi there! Yes, threading comes after waxing if there are remaining hairs left. Please report this to the branch you visited so they may make it up to you on your next visit :) Thanks for the post!

Hi! do you have male technicians? It's my first time and i'm a bit hesitant if a female technician will do it to me.

Hi there! All our technicians are female but rest assured they have all been trained to handle male clients as well :) Relax :)

How can I get to Lay-bare Abad Santos Branch from Greenhills Unimart? Thanks.

Hi Claire! You just have to go down Wilson and turn right once you see Alex 3...we're a block down also on the right side where Ristras is. :)

Is waxing much painful than the threading? Coz i tried threading on my legs and it hurts too much and it takes i think 1 1/2 hrs doing it..What is more convenient waxing or threading?

Waxing is definitely more comfy and is quicker to do than threading. Threading is only done when there are hairs left after waxing. :)

Is it okay to wax underarm during monthly period?

I wouldn't recommend it since you are immuno-compromised when you have your period and are more sensitive :) Sometimes your skin could easily bruise :)

hi! are you open for franchise? can you please give me some details about it... im interested and i hope i can hear from u guys soon..tnx!!!

Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in franchising Lay Bare. We however are undergoing a major overhaul and are not taking applications at the moment :) We'll post an announcement on our website once we're ready to start taking applications again :)

it is said in your brochure that you have branches in all ayala malls, do you have in alabang town center?

Hi! We just have the one at Market! Market! with Ayala Malls but hope to have a branch in ATC someday soon too. :) Do visit our website again for updates :) Thanks!

I've never tried waxing before so I want to ask if it would be better for me to try a bikini wax before opting for a brazilian wax?

To slowly ease into the habit of waxing, clients may opt to start off with a Bikini wax for their visit, then avail of a Brazilian wax for their 2nd and succeeding visits :)

are there any ways to minimize waxing pain?

You may opt to take a pain reliever 30 minutes before the procedure to minimize the pain :)

Hi there! I would just like to inquire, if I avail of the full body waxing, what does that include (arms, legs, etc)? Does it include Brazilian as well? Thanks! :)

Full body wax would include face, underarms, arms, chest, back, Brazilian, and leg. Eyebrow threading is also given for free :)

How soon can i do 'the thing' after i get a bikini/brazilian wax? =)

Hi there! We recommend you wait 48 hours after your bikini or brazilian wax :)

i just got my first bikini wax 2 days ago, now the area has some flaking skin, like its sun burned or something, what should i do?

It is only natural to experience some flaking on the treated area, which will subside after a couple of days, at most, after the treatment. Avoid scratching or rubbing the area, or apply creams or lotions, as this may irritate the skin.

Is it painful? Will I bleed?

The level of pain is dependent upon various factors: the service being done, the client's threshold for pain, etc. Though we do not guarantee a completely painless waxing experience, it offers a more comfortable alternative to hot wax. First, we employ the "patch" technique which removes hair one small section at a time, as opposed to "strip" waxing which strip off at a single pull. This causes less trauma to the skin. Second, we use all-natural cold wax, so there is no risk of getting burns. Third, we boast of a very peaceful and cozy ambiance. Also, our professional and fully-trained technicians will ensure that you will have a relaxing waxing experience!

What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax?

A bikini wax only removes hair that is visible around the bikini line. The Brazilian wax, on the other hand, removes hair from the front, back and everything in between!

How many hours before I can wet the area waxed?

At least 4 hours

How long should the hair be before I can get waxing services done?

At least 1/4cm

How often do I need to have the services done?

Hair re-growth varies from one individual to the next =). But, generally, for underarm every 3 weeks; half leg 3 to 4 weeks; Brazilian 6 weeks.

Is it safe to have the services done while pregnant?

Although there is no scientific evidence that proves waxing is harmful, it is better to err on the conservative and wait it out till you've given birth. Please note, though, getting a Brazilian wax is quite common for women who have reached their full term in pregnancy.

Is it ok to have services while you have your period?

If you are sensitive to pain and are prone to infection and bruising, better wait until a week after your last day :)

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Our wax is purely all natural =) We only have had a few instances of people getting a rash after the treatment. Note that redness after waxing is normal and will naturally disappear after a few hours or until a couple of days.

Will waxing cause ingrown hair?

Please note that any form of hair removal may cause ingrown hair, not just waxing or threading. Frequent exfoliation will surely address this concern!

Should one avoid the sun after waxing?

As much as possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 24-48 hours to avoid hyperpigmentation.