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Blog Reviews

Jackie Go writes:


A visit at Lay Bare’s Greenhills branch a few weeks ago brought back memories. Lay Bare was where I often had my waxing treatments done back when I was in college. With affordable rates for their waxing and threading services, it’s any woman’s go-to waxing salon.

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Martha Sta. Barbara writes:

Bare Ready with Lay Bare

I like wearing skirts, shorts, and basically anything that reveals my legs because according to a lot of people, they have great shape and texture so I should flaunt them (and so I did!). A friend once pointed out that I have uneven skin tone on my legs; that surprised me a lot because I exfoliate my legs weekly plus I take real good care of them and eventually, I found out that the culprit was leg hair; and so I waxed them once using a DIY Sugar Waxing kit, fell in love with the smoothness, and finally, the skin on my legs began to look more even. I tried to wax my legs myself until I got busy so it became infrequent and besides, I couldn’t seem to do it neatly and evenly anyway so I decided to stop haha!

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Angela Nepomuceno  writes:

Dare to be Bare Ready

Are you “Bare Ready”? And what do I mean by that? It’s having total confidence about your skin, even on sensitive areas, and being ready to bare yourself. First of all, what can give you that confidence? Personally, it’s when skin’s hair-free, even-toned, softer and smoother. And this is exactly why Lay Bare Waxing Salon created Thorough Care.

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Kath Rivera  writes:

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare

Hi dearies! I was invited by Lay Bare to try their services so that I can share my experience here on my blog last week. I didn’t think twice and said yes to the invitation immediately because Lay Bare is my go-to waxing salon. Even before this feature, I’m already a loyal Lay Bare customer. I had my first underarm waxing and eyebrow threading at SM Fairview branch. When I see my underarm hair growing to 1/4 inches in length, I’d schedule my appointment with my favorite attendant because SM Fairview branch was always jam packed that time.