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Thorough Care

When you see hair, it's time to Lay Bare.

We are the first ever unwanted hair removal specialist in the Philippines. We provide eyebrow threading and body waxing services using cold sugar wax only. No more strips! No more hot wax! Just plain, comfortable, hair removal at a price you can definitely afford.

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Ingrown Hair

Whatever you do, there’s no way to prevent occasional ingrown, especially if your hair is coarse and curly. Don’t pick at them —- you’ll just risk wounding your legs.Instead, massage the area with a cotton ball soaked in a glycolic and acid moisturizer, which sloughs and softens your skin’s top layer and allows hair to pass through.

The term waxing would scare even the bravest of souls. We at Lay Bare wanted to change that notion. Gone are the days when you needed to be seated uncomfortably on a reclining chair while hot (and sometimes too hot!) wax is being spread on your legs or armpits and then stripped with a piece of white cloth a couple of seconds after at very impressive speed. Ouch!!!


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